On a lovely spring evening in Malibu, a killer sneaks down the hallway of Wade Bennett's home. He finds Bennett working on the computer in his office, enters the room and murders him, using the victim's own gun. The killer then slips a disk into the computer, quickly transferring a document before making his exit, leaving Bennett's lifeless body illuminated by the suicide note left on the computer's screen.

Rick Treadway is a young aspiring television director whose fallen on hard times. His last show was abruptly canceled in the middle of the fall sweeps and with the exception of one infomercial, he hasn't had a job in the last five months. The bills are piling up, his ex-wife is on his back for child support, and there's no relief in sight. The pressure is building. Although Rick attends a church, he hasn't found the answer for his situation. Then events around Rick begin to change, challenging his career, his life, his concepts about the church, and most importantly his relationship with Jesus.

When Rick is chosen to take over a late night talk show after the previous director, Wade Bennett, is found dead, his life changes dramatically. Bennett's widow can't accept the detectives conclusion of suicide and enlists the help of the show's assistant to the producer, Cassie Peterson. She's able to access clues left in Bennett's computer that the detectives overlooked. With the new information, the detectives begin an investigation into the final days of Bennett's life--and Rick becomes the prime suspect.
Finding a growing attraction towards Cassie, Rick begins to work with her to get to the truth. Now together they embark on a path of intrigue, danger, frame-ups, and romance, as they look for the truth behind Bennett's death and the secret of the Lasko interview, never knowing who they can trust.