The biting wind blows off Lake Michigan on a cold January night in Chicago as six men await the arrival of their leader in a secret meeting of The Circle of Seven. Jason Reynolds arrives at the penthouse of the Drake Hotel to take care of one member who is about to betray his group. After a brief pep-talk, Reynolds presents a toast in honor of their continued success. As each member drinks their champagne, Reynolds scans the room. Within seconds, the offending member clutches his throat-unable to breath, a massive pain attacking his chest. He drops to the floor dead. No one crosses The Circle of Seven.

Investigative television reporter Mark Taylor sits patiently through the latest pitch meeting for Across the Nation, the weekly news-magazine show for National Studios. Approaching another "sweeps" period, the executive producer challenges the staff to come up with titillating stories to foster better ratings. Mark's idea pales in comparison to his collegues. He wants to take a fresh look behind the scenes of the political process. His angle--the effect polling has on the political process and the country as a whole.

Mark's search takes him to the leading company in national polling, the American Research Institute (ARI). When Mark shows up on their doorstep, the attractive vice president of media relations, Tracy Reynolds, gives him a personal tour of the facilities. Further research and a break from a computer hacker reveals that ARI is owned by Tracy Reynolds' grandfather, Jason Reynolds-the very same man who is CEO of the media conglomerate that owns National Studios. Just as he's getting to the heart of the conspiracy, Mark is unexpectedly ordered to drop the story. Mark continues with the investigation, eventually costing him his job. He is taken captive by Reynolds, where their confrontation is overheard by Tracy. Now, Tracy must choose between the grandfather who's nurtured her since childhood and the man who's captivated her heart. Mark's life hangs in the balance as he seeks to bring down The Circle of Seven.