"America is dealing with a new kind of warfare, one that Jacobsen has captured with an amazing accuracy. Interview with the Devil exposes the evil that lurks behind Muslim extremists and the dangers we are all facing. This book should be on the top of your reading list."
-Scott O'Grady, U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot shot down in a Bosnian War Zone.

"This book is must reading for every American who still asks the question following 9/11 'Why us?'"
-Melanie Morgan, KSFO radio talk show host and former ABC News reporter


Investigative journalist Mark Taylor is offered the story of his career when the War on Terrorism reignites with a wave of brutal attacks upon America. All evidence points to a new terrorist organization called The Jihad al Sharia-The Holy War of Islamic Law. Ahmad Hani Sa'id, their secluded leader shockingly demands that Mark fly to the Middle East to record an exclusive interview. A former Marine having served in Desert Storm, Mark is a Christian and has grave reservations about giving the terrorist the national platform for his twisted propaganda. Mark is haunted by the unanswered question, why him?

In the midst of telling his wife of the assignment, an FBI agent and Mark's former special ops commander arrive at the front door, asking for Mark's help in locating the mass murderer. Touching a desire deep within him to stop the terrorist before more lives are lost, Mark struggles whether to follow the journalistic creed of neutrality, or follow his conscience.

The thrilling adventure begins as Mark travels to Syria and meets face to face with the evil behind the terrorism. Caught up in the centuries old conflict between Islam and Christianity, Mark's life precariously hangs in the balance. Will the friendship of a young Muslim be enough to keep him alive? Will Mark's faith be shaken in the presence of such evil?

Behind the Story

Following 9/11, I sought to better understand the religion that was behind the attacks on our country and the suicide bombers in Israel. I wanted to know for myself if the comments coming from our government and the main stream media were accurate-that Islam was a peaceful religion and these acts were committed by extremists. I also sought to understand why the national media seemed to be going out of their way to appear neutral on the War on Terror, as if they were covering some skirmish between Iraq and Iran rather than a terrorist attack on America. Why did the major networks not allow their journalists to wear flag pins on their lapels? Where was the outrage from the international Islamic community toward the deaths of thousands?

My research took me on a journey I couldn't have imagined. Allah is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as Islam claims. Some of the most oppressive regimes of the present world are Islamic nations where women are horribly treated while Christians and Jews are greatly persecuted-at times brutally slaughtered. Are these atrocities the work of extremists or Islamic fundamentalists? Ossama bin Laden reads the Koran like Billy Graham reads the Bible. He takes the words of Muhammad literally; he's a reformer, attempting to bring Muslims back to the roots of Islam.

In reading through the Koran, I found it interesting that the word love in connection with Allah appears only nineteen times in the entire book, and every one of those is conditional. To quote one Islamic scholar, there is a whole surah on war, but you won't find one on peace. There is no "love your enemy" in the Koran. I came away from my research with an incredible awe of the path to salvation that God brought to mankind through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. I wrote with the intent to bring that wonderful truth to light during the incredible journey of Mark Taylor.

I want the reader to better understand the evil behind radical Islam and how we can reach out to our Muslim brothers and sisters with the good news of Jesus. Coming to the realization that God desires a personal relationship with them as a loving Father and that salvation is a free gift not something that has to be earned is the only way to break through the religious bondage a Muslim lives under.

Incredibly, just as I was completing the first draft of this novel, Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and subsequently murdered. My heart broke for his wife and his useless death at the hands of terrorists. His tragedy mirroring my fictional account in Interview with the Devil brought the reality of the evil the world is facing into even sharper focus. I contemplated not releasing the book or possibly changing the storyline, but after discussions with the publisher we decided it was best to continue with the original idea. The clash of Islam and Christianity is nothing new...and unfortunately will continue until Christ's return. While taking the reader on a thrilling journey, this book will enlighten them about the dangers of Islam and engage them on how Christians can bring the message of hope to Muslims.