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One Minute. That's all the time twenty-seven-year old football coach Jack Forrest has to join The Ultimate Challenge reality show with the chance to win 10 million dollars.

Competing on the popular show has delivered him into intense circumstances: several days on an unamed island with nine strangers, dangerous trials with no immunity...and cameras recording his every move. But for all the grueling competition's extremes, the risks are heightened with Jack's career in jeopardy back home-simply because he expressed his faith in a controversial moment. One woman who's fallen for Jack stands in the gap on his behalf, but will that be enough?

As the challenge escalates into life or death stakes, a beautiful female contestant captivates Jack's heart...and each day is testing his character beyond what he could imagine. The ultimate test arises when the past crashes head-on with the present, threatening to reveal a secret that's been hidden all of Jack’s life. With the final confrontation at hand, Jack must decide: How much will he lose if he wins it all?