We have a couple of screenplays that we are shopping around and plan on writing more in the future.

We don’t want these available on this site, but if you’d like to talk about any of these or adapting one of the novels, please contact us directly.

Ten-year-old Stephanie Taylor decides to tryout for softball in hopes of bonding with her father, a hard driving baseball coach who’s led her older brother to multiple Little League championships. When her dad refuses to coach, Stephanie’s mom has to fill the void, and it’s not pretty—but it is funny. But then her dad finally steps in and Stephanie’s dream suddenly becomes her greatest nightmare.

Seeing the benefits their friends receive by having divorced parents, three siblings design a mischievous plan to split up their mom and dad. But just when the break-up looks eminent, the parents turn the tables on the kids and give them a taste of how life really would be as a family-split.