Clay was born in 1956, brought up on a grape ranch in the San Joaquin Valley of California. He was raised in a Christian home, giving his life to Jesus when he was eight years old. Through the years he was been involved in the church as a worship leader, a musician, a home fellowship leader, a teacher, and as a part time associate pastor.

Writing is Clay’s second profession, having been involved in television production for over thirty years. He attended Oral Roberts University, studying telecommunications while able to gain valuable experience working on the nationally televised ministry program. After graduation, Clay started a free-lance career in Las Vegas, working as a camera operator for a brief period before predominately technical directing television productions throughout the country.

Some of his technical directing credits from 1978-1989 include: Solid Gold, New Year's Rockin' Eve, specials with David Copperfield, Diana Ross, Kenny Rogers, Chicago, Wayne Newton, Alabama, Frank Sinatra, The Merv Griffin Show, The Mike Douglas Show, The Arsenio Hall Show, The Hollywood Squares, Jeopardy, The Newlywed Game, Miss Teen USA, Mrs. America, The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, Alf, Full House, and Entertainment Tonight.

In 1987 Clay received the opportunity to join the Director's Guild of America when he took over the final two seasons of The All New Dating Game. Shortly thereafter, Jerry Lewis called and asked him to direct his National MDA Telethon. He gladly accepted the invitation, having been involved with the charity since 1978, and directed it through 1996. Other directing credits include Prime Time Country with Gary Chapman, Entertainment Tonight, John & Leeza, Dr. Laura, The Dove Awards, The Other Half, Dennis Miller, The Florence Henderson Show, Idol Extra, Gameday Final for the NFL Network, along with many other specials, variety shows and sporting events.

Clay and his family look at his career in the entertainment industry as a mission field. He firmly believes that Christians need to be behind the scenes in television production, hoping to make a difference in the show's content as well as being a living ambassador for Jesus to the lives of the people in the industry. He has been married for nearly 30 years to his lovely wife Cindy. They have two daughters, Sharayah who is soon to graduate from California State University Northridge and plans on teaching elementary school, and Shelby, who is in high school but has committed to Biola University with an athletic scholarship in softball where she will start in 2013. His relaxing moments involve time with his family, golf, skiing, reading and watching a lot of softball.

Clay’s writing career began right after he had served as a part-time associate pastor. It brought to the surface a lot of thoughts and concepts on the present day American church, and not knowing what to do with the ideas, Clay decided to write them into a murder mystery. During this time, the family moved to Nashville to work for Dick Clark Productions on the TNN show “Prime Time Country”. Not long after, “The Lasko Interview”, Clay's first novel was published in 1998 by Broadman & Holman. Four other books have followed.

Currently Clay and his family live in Ventura County in Southern California. Clay is working on “Jeopardy!”, directing the NFL Channel’s Sunday night highlights show, and working on his writing as well as various other video productions through CC Jacobsen Productions with Cindy.