NEW FOR 2013,

As we enter this year a new phase of our lives with our youngest heading off to college, Cindy and I feel that God is leading us to push our creative talents in some new directions.

We’re just in the planning stages, but we have a dream to produce engaging short videos highlighting how God has moved in people’s lives. We’re not sure of the outlet for such videos yet, but as I’ve seen people encouraged and challenged in their walk with Christ through fiction, I believe the same can be true and even more powerful through true-life stories of how the Holy Spirit is working in the world today.

If as you read this, somebody or some situation comes to mind that you think is a great story to tell, please contact us.

We’ve got the new website up and running, come check it out at:

Cindy has also created a couple of web-stores on ETSY that features hand-made scarfs, NFL aprons, children’s fan apparel and other great things. You can check them out at either
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